YOGjal Prithvi

 YOGjal Prithvi

YOGjal Prithvi

M.R.P.: ₹ 19,990.00

YOGjal Prithvi comes with a 12-stage filtration system that purifies water from any source, giving you superior drinkable water.

  • • RO + UF + UV + Alkalino 29 Cartridge
  • • 8L (Approx) Storage Capacity
  • • Insect Proof Water Tank

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YOGjal Prithvi comes with 12 purification process

Unique 12 Stage Purification Process

100% safe drinking water

Makes Water 100% Safe to Drink

Restore Essentials Minerals

Restore Essentials Minerals

Makes water more healthier

Makes Healthy Water

12-Stages Filtration

With 12-stage filtration, Tesla YOGjal Prithvi ensures that you get purified drinking water and also save water. Following are the 12 stages of purification that the water goes through before it is ready for you to drink

  • Inline Sediment Filter

    Removes Coarse and Dirt Impurities
  • Inline Carbon Filter

    Absorbs Chlorine and Hazardous Impurities
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane

    Removes Bacteria, Virus and Heavy Metals
  • Alkalino 29 Cartridge

    Adds essential minerals in water
  • Ultra Filtration Membrane

    Ensures Double Purity
  • In tank UV Sterilization.

    Keeps water in storage tank safe for drinking
YOGjal Prithvi 12 Purification Stages


  • Mineralizer

    Get healthy and useful minerals added into the water that you drink and stay energetic the entire day

  • 12-stage purification

    Yogjal Prithvi removes harmful elements and purifies water from any source in 12 stages to give you the purest water to drink

  • Alkalino 29 Cartridge

    Provides the purity of copper in your water and helps you boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health and support healthy and glowing skin

YOGjal Prithvi Features

Best Suited For

 Best For TDS Levels upto 2000

TDS Levels upto 2000

Borewell/Tap/Tanker Source

Borewell/Tap/Tanker Source

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen


Mineralizer adds essential minerals which help in protecting immunity. The correct amount of the right minerals helps in increasing the quality of water and also enhances the taste. These necessary minerals make the water healthy to drink and helps your body to be able to face any virus and other diseases.

  • Magnesium

    Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Sodium

    Helps control blood pressure
  • Calcium

    Helps maintain strong bones
  • Potassium

    Helps regulate fluid balance
Helps in Boosting Immunity
Add level of protection with copper


Copper is known to be one of the essential minerals our body needs for survival. It plays an important role in producing the red blood cells and maintaining the nerve cells and immune system of the body. With the Alkalino 29 Cartridge, you get copper added to the water which helps your body function easily. A healthy amount of copper is also known to prevent cardiovascular diseases.


200+ Certified Engineers

200+ Certified Engineers

500+ Service Locations

500+ Service Locations

ISO Certified

ISO Certified

  • Description

RO + UV + UF triple layer protection to ensure that the water you drink is absolutely safe without compromise. RO removes dissolved impurities, microorganisms, heavy metals, and radioactive material, while UV rays present in the tank deactivate microorganisms such as bacteria, cysts, and viruses.

UF is a separation technique that makes use of a semi-permeable membrane. It filters physical impurities and harmful microbes such as bacteria and cysts from your drinking water. Moreover, it incorporates a copper filter that provides alkaline antioxidant water, raising the pH level of the water-compatible for human consumption.


Copper water therapy is a 5000+ year old method that our ancestors used. Even today it's benefits are unparalleled. Water when kept in a copper vessel turns into alkaline water. Other RO purifiers did not provide alkaline water, until now! It involves balancing the three doshas (vata, kapha, pitta) in your body. Yogjal provides the numerous benefits of a copper vessel along with several other unique features. The benefits of Copper and Yoga are now in your water. Usha Poana Chikitsa is the most effective and safest way to get rid of diseases and keep your body healthy. Usha Paana Chikitsa improves your physical health and your mental health.

the PH scale
RO Water Alkaline Water
Clean Water
Micro Cluster
Hydrogen Rich
Anti Oxidant Rich
Desired Minerals
pH Balance
Hydrate Body

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