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Experience technology and innovation
poured into your glass of water
13 Stage Purification Process

Unique 13 Stage Purification Process

Removes bacteria, viruses, and even dissolved impurities with ~13-Stage RO Filtration

safe driking water

Makes Water 100% Safe to Drink

Filtered water goes through UF + UV Process to make it safe to drink

Restore Essentials Minerals

Restore Essentials Minerals

Restore essential minerals + ORP + Silver Integrated Carbon

Healthy water

Makes Healthy

Makes water alkaline with copper technology

More than 70% of the human body is made up of water

Although no creature can exist without it, we frequently take it for granted because we can switch on the faucet and drink. Wholesome water is alkaline in nature, reactive, and moisturising, with detoxifying qualities. These qualities are not present in the ordinary water supply or RO purified water.

Imagine if you can somehow have clean and safe water in your house with all beneficial properties? Yes, it is now possible. Tesla Power USA’s Alkaline Water Purifier is the best in the industry with its immense capacity to produce the best quality alkaline water.

water in human body
Drink Alkaline Water for better health

Drink Alkaline Water Instead of RO Water to Fight Covid!

You understand the need to be healthy, so have you considered the differences between the various varieties of water supply accessible?.

The reality is that not every stream is evenly distributed, and consuming filtered water is a leading cause of many water-related diseases. It may potentially introduce you to various potentially harmful medical conditions, compromising your entire well-being. However, there is some excellent news: Alkaline Water genuinely improves people's health daily! You'll discover that this life-giving water has a lot more to offer than just its chemical composition.

Tesla Power USA's Alkaline Water Purifier produces high-quality, clean alkaline water comparable to Kangen water but considerably superior.

For a Happy Living, Drink High-Quality Alkaline Water

Tesla Power USA combines its knowledge in the water industry with cutting-edge innovation to give safe, inexpensive water to everyone. Alkalino is a sophisticated alkaline water purifier device that generates excellent alkaline water benefits. Moreover, this is automated to work according to the user's wishes. Alkalino has a built-in detoxifier that produces high-quality, clean alkaline water comparable to Kangen water, just much less expensive. Alkalino supplies Kangen water, which ionizes and splits water molecules to elevate the pH of tap water. As a result, it has become India's most cost-effective Alkaline Water RO.

High Quality Alkaline Water for a Healthy Life

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