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We offer not only Pure Water, but Healthy Too!

In developing countries like India, 80% of diseases are transmitted by water. As pollution increases, the water we drink can contain impurities that are very harmful to our health. The solution lies in using an appropriate water purifier that meets your water purification needs and provides safe drinking water. Entire team of Tesla Power USA has devoted years of research on 5000+ age old practice - Usha Paana Chikitsa, for a healthier life with an aim to provide most healthiest water on this earth.

Tesla Power USA brings their expertise in the water business with their cutting-edge technology to provide healthy water to everyone at an affordable cost.

Serving the Right Water!

Tesla Healthy Life has launched 2 series of the Alkaline RO Water Purifiers – YOGjal Series and Alkalino.

Alkaline RO Water Purifiers from YOGjal Series (YOGjal Surya and YOGjal Prithvi) designed to carry forward the old ancient tradition of drinking water from the copper vessel. The RO Purifiers available in the market remove the essential minerals and nutrients from the water during the RO process. Due to this, the water is no-doubt purified, but it is very unhealthy water due to de-mineralization. The YOGjal series apart from advanced purification process, also add minerals as well as makes the water alkaline, making it most healthy water available in the market.

Alkalino is Alkaline RO Water Machine designed with advanced technology to offer amazing benefits of alkaline water with complete control at the user end. Alkalino contains a built-in detoxifier and gives you high-quality and pristine alkaline water which is as good as Kangen water but far cost-effective. Alkalino provides Kangen RO water that raises tap water pH by ionizing and splitting the water molecules. Hence, it becomes India's most affordable Alkaline Water RO.

Alkaline Water